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Prof. Deguchi's Comments on Koji Tanaka, "In Search of the Semantics of Emptiness"

Comments on Koji’s Paper: In Search of the Semantics of EmptinessY Deguchi 10 Dec 2014 Virtues: None. Vices No definite conclusion: ‘The realization of emptiness thus depends on the attachment of a semantics that...... (more)
Nothingness in Asian Philosophy@CAPE | December 10, 2014 | Views: 942

Itsuki's Notes on Introduction by Jeelou Liu and Douglas L. Berger

1. Representational accuracy of the IntroductionSome general claims have been challenged. Firstly, is there a clear distinction between western philosophy and Asian philosophy, such that western philosophy began...... (more)
Nothingness in Asian Philosophy@CAPE | February 25, 2015 | Views: 852


Chun-Ying WANG 汪純瑩

MEPO Humanity Technology, Inc. / National Chengchi University / Kyoto University


March 2015


Graduate School of Letters Email:

Kyoto University Phone: (080)1163-2021

Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku

Kyoto 606-8501 Japan


2008-2013 Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa (Philosophy)

2006-2007 M.A. University of Hawaii at Manoa (Philosophy)

2004-2006 M.A. University of Toronto (East Asian Studies)

2000-2004 B.A. University of Toronto (Philosophy/East Asian Studies)


Buddhist Philosophy, Metaphysics, Comparative Philosophy


Epistemology, Phenomenology, Indian Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Japanese Philosophy


Japanese (mother tongue)

English (fluent)

Sanskrit (competence in reading and translation)

Classical Chinese (competence in reading and translation)

Mandarin (elementary conversation)


Committee: Steve Odin (chair), Arindam Chakrabarti, Chung-ying Cheng, Masato Ishida, Helen Baroni (Religion)

Rehabilitating Momentariness:

A Critical Revision of the Buddhist Doctrine of Momentariness

The Buddhist doctrine of momentariness (kṣaṇabhaṅga) is extensively studied but no real effort has been made to resolve the crucial problems with which it has historically been infected. The dissertation is an attempt to rehabilitate and revise the Buddhist doctrine for the purpose of establishing a robust theory of temporality and persistence that is capable of contributing to the contemporary debate over the nature of persistence over time.

Through a close reading of Śāntarakṣita and Kamalaśīla’s (9CE) Tattvasaṃgraha and its Paṅjikā and Ratnakīrti’s (11CE) Kṣaṇabhaṅgasiddhi-Anvayātmika, I argued that these Buddhists fail to give a satisfactory account of how momentary entities can associate with their surroundings to generate a qualitative difference (e.g. a seed giving rise to a sprout with the help of soil, water, etc.). As a solution, I suggested a redefinition of ‘moment’ (kṣaṇa), inspired by Whitehead’s account in Process and Reality, whereby the notions of momentariness, causal interaction and qualitative change can be coherently asserted.


“Persons as Weak Emergents: An Alternative Reading of Vasubandhu’s Ontology of Persons”

Philosophy East and West 67:2 (to be published in April 2017)

“Evanescence and Persistence”

Ishida, Masato., and Laura Specker Sullivan, eds. Locating and Losing the Self in the World: Cross-Cultural Reflections on Self-Awareness and Self-Transcendence. Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2014)

“Ontology of Discontinuity: Buddhism and Descartes”

Perspectives: International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy, Volume 5, Autumn 2014, pp. 58-73.

Book Review

The Self: Naturalism, Consciousness, & the First-Person Stance by Jonardon Ganeri

Philosophy East and West 64:4, pp. 1077-1084 (2014)


February 2015 “Can Flux bring about Flux? – The Inconclusiveness Objection against Radical Impermanence and Buddhist Response”

The 4th Forum for Japanese and Comparative Philosophy

Kobe University, Hyogo, Japan

October 2014 “Ontology of Discontinuity: Vasubandhu and Descartes”

I Buddhological Conference, held at Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations, Krakow

June 2014 “Are Buddhists Perdurantists? – Buddhist Philosophy in Contemporary Discussion of Persistence”

The 49th Annual Conference for Society for Asian and Comparative


State University of New York at Binghamton

March 2014 “Buddhist Emergentism: Dharmakīrti on the Reality of Color”

2014 NCCU-KU-YaleNUS Workshop in Asian Philosophy

National Chengchi University, Taipei

February 2014 “Persistence without Identity: Buddhism and Contemporary Theories”

International Workshop in Comparative Philosophy

Kobe University, Hyogo, Japan

January 2014 “Buddhist Emergentism: Vasubandhu on Conventional Reality”

The 6th Next Generation Global Workshop

University of Kyoto

March 2012 “Evanescence and Persistence”

Uehiro Cross Currents Philosophy Conference

University of Hawaii


“Can Flux bring about Flux? – An Appraisal of the Causal Objection to the Buddhist Doctrine of Universal Flux”

This is a polished and elaborated version of the first chapter of my dissertation. It highlights Ratnakīrti’s response to the inconclusiveness objection, which has been insufficiently addressed in existing researches and in my dissertation.


April 2014 – Present Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kyoto University Asian Studies Unit, Kyoto University

December 2013 – March 2014 Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Asian ERASMUS Program, Kyoto University


Instructor of Record

Fall 2010 Survey of Philosophical Problems (Introduction to Philosophy)

Spring 2010 Morals and Society (Introduction to Ethics)

Fall 2009 Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Teaching Assistant

Spring 2009 Introduction to Symbolic Logic, taught by Ron Bontekoe

Fall 2008 Morals and Society, taught by Steve Odin

Spring 2008 Survey of Philosophical Problems, taught by Graham Parkes


December 2014 Conference MC, Chair for Special Lectures (4 sessions), Interpreter, The 7th Next-Generation Global Workshop, Kyoto University

February 2014 Session Instructor, Workshop on conducting conferences and lectures in English, Kyoto University

February 2014 Session Chair, Yale-NUS and Kyoto Philosophy Workshop on K. C.

Bhattacharya and Keiji Nishitani, organized by Jay Garfield and Yasuo

Deguchi, held at National University of Singapore

2008 - 2009 Treasurer, Philosophy Students’ Association, University of Hawaii at


2005 - 2006 Treasurer, East Asian Studies Graduate Student Union, University of



2014 to Present Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP)

2014 to Present Forum for Japanese & Comparative Philosophy (FJCP)

2014 to Present The Association for Asian Studies (AAS)

2014 to Present Center for Applied Philosophy and Ethics (CAPE)

2014 to Present International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS)

2014 to Present Japanese Association for Comparative Philosophy

2013 to Present Association for Nishida Philosophy

2013 to Present Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy (SACP)

2012 to Present Society for Teaching Comparative Philosophy

2010 to Present American Philosophical Association (APA)


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